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Will the FIA play ball?

 After an absolutley brilliant Austrian Grand Prix the FIA have decided to investigate the late lunch of Versatppen on Leclerc which forced him off track. The diehard F1 fan would not want a time penalty for this incident as it is exactly what we all ask for; hard and exciting races. But, and it's a big but, the FIA like to be consistent therefore after the Canada penalty will Verstappen get a similiar time penalty? After the emotional sea of orange and the celebrations of Honda would the FIA actually take their historic win away from them? 

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F2 in Austria

 The Austrian F2 sprint race crtainly delivered! An action packed race saw Sette Camara claim an unexpected win ahead of the UNI-Virtuosi of Ghiotto. But how did Sergio win? We'll go through the race in brief... Calderon was forced to start from the pitlane after stalling on the grid whilst everyone else including King got away safely, King managed to get the dream start and retain 1st ahead of Deletraz in Turn 1 however the freal action was happening behind because championship leader Devried was working his tyres hard and making rapid prgress before approching the rear wing of the swiss Carlin driver. Devries managed to get ahead of the son of ex-f1 driver Deletraz snr into 2nd and soon past King into 1st... Devries led some flawless laps as the fastest man on track before heartbreak... (READ MORE)

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Alvarez at Croft

 Overall, croft was not an ideal weekend for Sebastian after being penalised in Race 1 for an alleged jump start despite it being a controversial talking point wether or not he actually gained an advantage... Race 2 was cancelled due to the heavy torrential rain - the race is planned to be rescheduled for another weekend. Could the weekend get any worse for him? yes. Yes it could, after a small mistake in Race 3 he was forced to retire from a race that saw title rivals advance in a way he could not. Onto Oulton Park... fingers corssed! 



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